8 Benefits of Vaping That Will Make You Feel Great

8 Benefits of Vaping
Goodbye Stinky

Heavy smokers tend to lose their strong sense of smell as well as their taste over time. Whether or not your nose can even detect tobacco smoke, the fact remains that smoking really stinks. Not only does the smell of smoke stick around on your breath, hair, and clothes, it also clings onto your furniture, in your car, in your bed, and even coats the walls of your home. (If you’ve been a heavy tobacco smoker and have done so in your house, go ahead and wash down those walls and look at all the yellowed water that remains in the wash bucket. Yuck!)
Once you switch to vaper smoking all stinky smells subside. Soon you’ll be able to breathe again and the smell of tobacco smoke will slowly become quite noticeable to you. You’ll smell it for what it is and be glad it no longer defines or describes YOU. You might even find yourself turning your nose up, as you become a reformed “non-tobacco smoker.”

Save Money

Cigarette smoking isn’t a cheap habit. The average pack can cost anywhere from $7-$10. While vaping starter kits will cost more money upfront, consider the savings at the end of the month. Depending on how heavy of a user you are, e-liquid might run upwards of $20-$40 a month, saving you a potential couple hundred bucks! That’s several thousand dollars per year (and a much needed vacation). Stop packing cigarettes and pack for a trip instead.

Vaper Smoking is Safer

Lighting a cigarette means you’re igniting an open flame. Cigarettes are proven to be the number one cause for fire related deaths. Not just in the United States, but in 7 other countries as well. People who smoke often pair their addiction with other drugs and alcohol, which can be a recipe for disaster if you light up, and accidently “pass out.” (Hey, it happens.)
Vaping devices work with an internal or external battery rather than an open flame. While there have been a handful of cases where e-cigarettes have accidently “exploded”, when vaping equipment is used properly and not “modified” to some degree it actually poses little threat to users. Follow all manufacturer instructions and don’t tinker with your device unless you REALLY know what you’re doing. If you want to learn more about mods and take your enjoyment to the next level, stop by ecaVape1’s shop and speak with a vaping expert before taking things apart and playing chemist.

Better Love Life

If your love life sucks it might be because you stink. While it may seem unfair and judgmental, some people simply will not date or be intimate with a tobacco smoker. Why? Kissing a smoker tastes like licking an ashtray. Unless your partner is also a tobacco smoker, you’ve probably invested in mints and mouthwash, or have limited your potential dating pool significantly. Put down the smokes and watch your love life improve.

Physical Improvements

In addition to being bad for your health, smoking tobacco is also bad for your skin. Tobacco has thousands of chemicals and additives that your body works hard to filter out. These toxins can make your skin look tired and lifeless. Nails will be brittle and yellowed. Your teeth might yellow. And your hair will eventually begin to thin. Once you stop poisoning your body with tobacco smoke you’ll be rewarded with that healthy glow.
For those who live an inactive lifestyle, ceasing smoking might be all the push you need to get back into shape. Kick the habit and you’ll reap the physical benefits.

Fill Your Social Calendar

Cigarette smoking has become the new taboo thing to do. It’s frowned upon and banned in many restaurant and entertainment venues. Rather than enjoy the company of friends, smokers are forced to stay outside, often many feet away, and sit by themselves while enjoying a cigarette. This means you’ll miss out on socializing with friends, both new and old.

Better Career Potential

Talk about stereotypes. Cigarette smokers are often considered lazy by their employers. This means your boss might think you don’t have what it takes to perform at the next level in your career. Why? Take your commitment for example. If you can’t handle “quitting” then how can a company or employer trust you to take upon difficult tasks diligently?
On top of that your employer likely thinks you take too many breaks. The average cigarette burns anywhere from 6-10 minutes. If you’re stepping out the back door several times during your shift, your employer has probably added up what could be a good hour from your desk by the end of the day. Raise? Not likely. Pair that with the complaints of co-workers who pick up your slack while you’re smoking out back, and you’ll see why smoking really does affect your job and your potential earnings.

Lose Weight

While not everyone loses weight when they begin vaping, some people do. The wide variety of e-liquid provides just enough flavorful options for those who feel deprived, especially from sweets. If smoking left you reaching for snacks, you might find that vaping with e-liquid has the opposite effect. This is especially true for those people who have oral fixations and the desire to have something in their mouth. Rather than consume those sweet and sugary concoctions, why not switch to vaping instead? Virtually calorie-free, vaper smoking is kinder to the waistline.

Where to Go to Buy Vape Supplies

If you’re ready to experience the aforementioned 8 benefits of vaping, we suggest you shop at a local and reputable vape store and purchase all of your equipment on site and with warranty. ecaVape1 takes pride in educating and helping our customers select the best devices and e-liquids based on their lifestyle and personal preferences. Stop by our shop today and discover the world of vaping. The many benefits await.

Published: June 24, 2016 by ecavape_gotcha

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